Nippon Paper Industries USA offers a comprehensive range of lightweight papers for either printing or converting applications.

NPI USA is proud to offer the following Grade Families:

  • Ultralight – Ultralight is a carefully engineered sheet balancing ultra low basis weight with superior brightness and opacity. This paper is suitable for both cold-set and heat-set applications.
  • Lightweight Mechanical – The standard NPI USA Lightweight grade family is a collection of standard and high brightness light and medium basis weight grades. We offer basis weights ranging from 18.0 lb up to 24.6 lb. These grades are designed for cold-set printing and offer superb runnability and printability.
  • Heatset – The Heat Set grade family offers the same range of brightness and basis weights as the Lightweight Mechanical grade family but is engineered to handle to higher ink tack and temperatures associated with the Heat-Set printing process.
  • Industry & Specialty – NPI has begun production of a new and quickly growing line of industrial specialty papers. Our paper is made using a revolutionary new process which produces a hybrid paper suitable for replacement of many kraft papers. Please contact Mark Fournier or Brad Johnson for your specific requirements.

Today we offer several lighter basis weight papers suitable for replacing heavier basis weight. Runnability and quality remain excellent and our paper is suitable for full four color ink coverage.  To learn more please see the advantages of lighter weight substitution.

For grades or applications that don’t fit the grades outlined in our Technical Data sheets, please contact our Sales Personnel for a discussion of your specific requirements.