The NPI USA Port Angeles Mill is located in Northwest Washington State. The mill manufactures approximately 325 tons per day of high quality lightweight papers. The Port Angeles mill is a fully integrated pulp and paper mill specializing in lightweight printing and specialty papers. The mill employs nearly 200 employees and has been in continuous operation since 1920.

Paper Mill

The Paper Mill at Port Angeles operates one paper machine originally installed in the 1920’s. Very little of the original paper machine survives today as there has been a steady stream of investment and improvement over the decades. During our 90 plus years of operation the paper machine has been improved with new stock prep system, new headbox, the conversion to twin wire forming, new press section, new dryers and a new winder. Today the paper machine runs well in excess of 3,000 feet per minute with basis weights as low as 16 lb.

Refiner Mechanical Pulp Mill

The mill originally started up with stone groundwood in 1920. In the 1970’s the mill installed a new Refiner Mechanical pulp mill and the groundwood mill was permanently shutdown. Since that time the refiner mill has seen steady improvements with new screening and cleaning systems installed on all three lines, new motors, new refiners and Specific Refiner Energy control added to reduce energy and improve quality. To learn more please see the Refiner Mechanical Pulp Infographic.

Post Consumer DIP Pulp Mill

In recognition of customer demand for post consumer recycled fiber, NPI USA installed a recycled deinked pulp mill in the early 1990’s. The mill produces more than 200 tons per day of high quality recycled pulp for use by the paper machine. The mill uses multiple types of recycled paper for fiber supply. The DIP Pulp Mill has also received improvements to help maintain pulp quality as the fiber supply has continued to degrade in quantity and quality with the latest improvements being completed in 2015 when a new pulper was installed along with cleaner and screen improvements.

Shipping & Transportation

The mill is able to offer many forms of shipment including truck, rail, intermodal as well as ship. The mill is located near the ports of Seattle and Tacoma which gives us great flexibility for any destinations in the Pacific Rim.


The mill originally started up in 1920 with several small coal and oil boilers which were operated for many years. In the 1950’s our largest boiler was converted to oil and biomass which continues to run today. Over the last 10 years we have eliminated nearly 98% of all oil fuels and run the mill primarily on biomass fuel.

In 2010 we began replacement of the current boiler with a Co-Gen boiler featuring a new boiler, biomass feed system, turbine, generator and advanced air & water pollution control equipment. The plant became operational during 2015 and supplies steam and hot water to the pulp and paper mills while generating more than 20 MW of renewable electricity per hour.

This investment represents the single largest investment in the facility at an installed cost of more than $86 million dollars. You can read more about it on our Environmental Page.