Nippon Paper Industries USA is committed to protecting our local and global environment.

Our Environmental Policy

Nippon Paper Industries USA is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment and seeks to maintain a balance among our economic, environmental and social responsibilities. Our policy reflects our dedication to continual improvement of the mill’s environmental performance in all aspects of our business, and the expectation that our employees and consultants will further foster those ideals into their own lives outside the company. Click here to see exactly what we are committed to in our environmental policy.


In 2007, the mill’s environmental management system was certified to the ISO 14001 standard. This means we’re able to:

  • Identify and control the environmental impact of our activities
  • Continually improve our environmental performance
  • Implement a system for setting our environmental objectives and subsequently demonstrating that they have been achieved.

In addition, our Corporate Parent, Nippon Paper Group, demands a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Although it is a constant challenge to maintain product quality, profitability and compliance with evolving regulations, our mill has fully adopted a system of continuous environmental improvement into our business philosophy.


In 2009, we achieved fiber chain-of-custody certification to the PEFC® and FSC® standards. To earn and maintain these independently verified fiber chain-of-custody certifications, the mill’s raw materials must originate from sources who manage their fiber procurement and forests consistent with the requirements detailed in these standards. NPI USA’s wood chip and recycled fiber supplies meet each of these globally-recognized certification protocols. Click here for a News Release on NPI USA’s certification to FSC and PEFC Chain-of-Custody Certification Standards, or a News Release on NPI USA’s Chain-of-Custody Reaffirmation.

Environmental Performance

NPI USA views our environmental performance very seriously. We strive to minimize our environmental impact in all aspects of our business and to actively improve our performance.