Nippon Paper Industries USA installed a new Co-Gen facility to reduce usage of fossil fuels and generate green renewable electricity.

In the 95 years that the Port Angeles Mill has been making paper we have used a variety of fuels to make steam including oil, coal, electricity, and biomass. We have used a variety of boilers with our newest one, No. 8 Boiler, being installed in 1972 to use both oil and biomass. In the following 40 years we have consistently improved and modified No. 8 Boiler to increase efficiency, reduce pollution and reduce the amount of oil it used. However, even with all of the efforts, we reached a plateau for performance. The limits of the current boiler together with nationwide demand for green electricity and expected changes in environmental regulations by the EPA led NPI USA to consider the new step.

In 2010 the Board of Directors approved our proposal to build a new biomass fired boiler with an integrated turbine generator complex. The new boiler came online in 2015 and has replaced No. 8 Boiler. The new boiler (No 11 Boiler) allows us to eliminate nearly all usage of fossil fuels, have the necessary equipment and controls to meet the 2014 EPA MACT rules for boilers and generate more than 20 megawatts of green electricity per hour.

What is biomass?

Biomass is a renewable energy source made from biological material from living, or recently living, organisms. Plant matter, yard clippings, and even municipal solid waste are all examples of this renewable fuel source.


Process Schematic

The Co-Gen project is complex with all new equipment from fuel system through the steam turbine and generator. Download PDF


Click here to see our Co-Gen Project Brochure.